Rub-R Ducky Rub HOT

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SWEET with a little more HEAT

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Handcrafted BEEF and PORK rub and really dang good on CHICKEN, too!

Different / Better / Versatile

The ONLY rub your kitchen needs!

Available in Original, Hot or Milder

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3 oz bag, 6 oz shaker bottle, 12 oz shaker bottle, 1 lb bag

1 review for Rub-R Ducky Rub HOT

  1. Chris Douglass (verified owner)

    I see all of you out there on social media with your Traeger’s posting pictures all the time. I’m betting you use the same old rub time after time. Sure, it’s probably pretty good but it’s about time to switch it up and get some variety! I used Rub-R Ducky this weekend and WOW, the Hot was PERFECT! Sweet to start and heat to finish. The smoke perfectly mellows out the sweet on the front end and my dry-brined, then smoked/reverse-sear prime top-sirloins turned out amazing. Getcha’ some and you won’t be disappointed!

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